Call for Abstracts

The key topics of this conference are friction and wear across all length scales. The focus is on the physical, mechanical and chemical properties and the fundamental governing laws underlying these processes as well as their application on relevant engineering problems.

Specific key topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Nano-scale friction and wear: atomistic interface interactions, single asperity dissipative processes, wear initiation and evolution
  2. Meso-scale friction and wear: surface roughness effects, micro-slip, subsurface cracking, nucleation processes, instabilities
  3. Macro-scale friction and wear: onset of sliding, effects of heterogeneities, static friction, onset of material removal,
  4. Friction in natural systems: earthquakes, avalanches, glaciers, land slides
  5. Friction and wear in engineered systems: soft matter, architected materials, brakes, mems

The key focus is on a balanced combination of experimental, theoretical, numerical and data-driven approaches.


Please format your abstract according to this Downloadtemplate (DOCX, 16 KB).

Abstract submission

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